Allfreegames is very proud to bring you Call of Duty Cold War For IOS devices. It has taken Activision to bring the popular game to a Mobile devices but finally Call of Duty Cold War has been ported to mobile devices. Activision has been working tirelessly to bring Call of Duty Cold War for IOS devices for years now and it has finally been optimize to run smoothly on IOS devices like iphone and ipad running IOS 12.5 or later. Set in the historic Cold war in the 1980s where two super powers of the World USA and the Soviet Union are on the brink of a War which may cause the third World War.

Call of Duty Cold War for IOS is a first person shooter game which is set in 1980s during the Cold war between USA and the Soviet Union. Call of Duty Cold Wars Follows the true story of a CIA officer Russell Adler and his pursuit of a Soviet Union spy which is known by his alias Perseus. Players get to relieve the historic events during the Cold War which changed the Complexion of the world we live in. All the historic events and places can be visited in Call of Duty Cold War for IOS like East Berlin and Iconic KGB Headquarter in Moscow. Even though Call of Duty Cold War for IOS is based on true stories players can choose different options provided to them during the game where the options they choose results in different endings, so the players must choose every decision carefully. Call of Duty Cold War for IOS bring amazing graphics and realistic gameplay making it one of the most amazing game in a mobile device. All the guns ands vehicles are inspired by real ones in the 1980s where even recoils of the gun are made as real as possible making it an amazing experience for the players to enjoy the historic events.

How to Download Call of Duty Cold War for Iphone and IPad
* First of all go to the website allfreegames.org
* Search for Call of Duty Cold War for IOS (iPhone and iPad)
* Click the Download Button
* Complete a small verification wher you have to download an app and play for 30 sec which will take about 2-3 minute
* The Call of Duty Cold War app will be Downloaded on your IOS device
* Enjoy the Game!!

Click the Download Button below and relieve the historic event from the 1980s of the Cold War where the two power house of the World USA and The Soviet Union were on the brink of a war changing the world as we know today. Play Call of Duty Cold War for IOS devices which has been fully optimized to run as smoothly as any console with some amazing graphics and realistic physics mechanism making the gameplay experience one of the best on a mobile device.