Animal Crossing New Horizons For IOS devices is finally here on allfreegames.org. The popular game which took 2020 by storm has been rumored to come on mobile devices in the summer but due to its immense popularity among players it has been released by nintento way ahead of schedule. Animal Crossing New Horizons For IOS is a simple life stimulation game where players are put into a deserted island where they collect material which they can craft into tool and influence different animals to live with them in the island.


Animal Crossing New Horizons For IOS is a real time life stimulation game where the players choose their character and customize it how ever they want as gender, skin color, hair style and other cosmetic items can all be modified. Once they confirm their character they are sent into a deserted island and live their through collecting materials that are available all around the island. Animal Crossing New Horizons For IOS has a simple gameplay where players can do all the real life stuff in the game like fishing, chasing bugs with a net, harvesting fruits, cutting down trees for material which can be crafted. Players can also sell stuffs they have in a local store so that they can ear money and buy things they need for their tent or they can also pay their in game loan which results in their tent eventually turning into a house. Animal Crossing New Horizons For IOS features dynamic weather system that depends on your real life location so they season in the game changes as the location of the player which also affect the game play as winter summer and monsoon season are all available. Their are other players in the island aswell with locally 4 players and 8 players in online mode able to join you in the deserted island at a time.

How to Download Animal Crossing New Horizons IPA

  • Go to the website allfreegames.org
  • Search for Animal Crossing New Horizons For IOS
  • Click the Download button
  • Download and install Animal Crossing New Horizons ipa
  • Enjoy the game !!


Enjoy one of the best games of 2020 Animal Crossing New Horizons in your IOS devices like iphone, ipad and Ipods. With just some simple clicks you can download this simple yet addictive game in your IOS devices. Enjoy the simple real time life stimulation game which is surprisingly pretty awesome and enjoyable, just click the Download button below and begin the epic adventure.

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