The wait is finally over Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is now available for your android devices. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for android is a unique battle royal game developed by Mediatonic where 60 people join a battle royal match but unlike other battle royal game these days, Fall Guys for android brings mini games where only a few number of players are qualified in each mini game and and ultimately there is only 1 winner. It has taken a while for mediatonic to bring Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for android devices but it has fully been optimized to run smoothly in your android devices and the best thing is it supports cross platform game play so play against any players in any console to be the winner to this amazing and fun battle royal game.


Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for android is a battle royale game where players play as a jelly bean figure where they battle against 60 players to win the battle royale. The players can move, jump, grab or dive through the game in order to progress. Each game has a variety of random mini games mostly categorized as races, survival, hunting, and logic. In each mini game a number of player is eliminated and ultimately in the final round the remaining few players compete with a randomized mini game designed for a smaller player size. The winner of the match is the last player standing. The players can customized their characters such as emote, costumes by using the games in game currency. The players get in game currency depending on their performance in the battle royale. Another way of getting in game currency is through micro transaction in the game. Players can find variety of amazing costumes and emote to customize their character to make them unique and adorable.

How to Download Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Apk
* Go to the website allfreegames.org
* Search for Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for android
* Click the Download Button
* Download And install Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout apk
* Enjoy the game!!


Download Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for android and enjoy this amazing and fun battle royale game with some unique aspect to make this game stand out against other battle royale games in the market today. With its incredible and addictive gameplay players compete with each other to be the last man standing. With the support of cross platform gaming compete against players from other consoles and be the best in the world. Just click the Download button below and enjoy this amazing battle royale game in your android devices.

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