About Final Fantasy VII for Android

The wait is finally over Final Fantasy VII for Android devices is here on allfreegames.org. Developed by square enix it is the remake version of the popular 1997 game which is widely considered to be the best Final Fantasy game in the series. Final Fantasy VII remake for Android has been in works for years along side its console counter parts and it has finally been released today. Initially planned to be released along with its console version on April 10 2020 but due to some technical difficulties it has taken square enix 4 more days to release it for mobile devices.

Final Fantasy VII For Android is an action adventure role playing game where players control Cloud a former soldier of Shinra corporation who has now turned into an eco terrorist group mercenary that fights against the corporation who clearing out the planets life energy. It is the remake of the popular Final Fantasy VII game developed in 1997 with some amazing graphic changes and some gameplay changes along with the battle system which has turned from turn based battle to real time battle system. Players can control other characters like Barrett and Tifa with each character possessing unique abilities which is necessary in certain missions. Each character also has unique special moves which can be used once their gauge is full . Final Fantasy VII For android feature Active time battle system which is filled slowly or it can fill up quickly if you attack and after its full players can use special attacks or magic or even items.

How to Download Final Fantasy VII Apk
* Go to the website allfreegames.org
* Search for Final Fantasy VII For Android
* Click the Download Button
* Download Final Fantasy VII apk
* Install and enjoy the game


Final Fantasy VII Remake for Android devices has been in works for years and now we have finally got it. Click the Download button below and enjoy the epic adventure of Cloud and his friends. Relieve the glorious story and incredible graphics which has now been optimized to run as smoothly as a console game in your android devices.

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