Football Manager 2020 for Android devices has been launched by Sega and Sports Interactive. At last the popular football management simulation game has been brought to all the android users. Football Manager 2020 for Android was released on 18th November 2019 and now has finally been released for mobile versions. Manage your favorite team to the top of the league from scratch, choose the staff you want buy and sell players that you want as you get to control everything that a real manager can in Football Manager 2020 for Android.


Football Manager 2020 for Android is a football simulation game where the players can manage any team they want from 51 different countries with 116 leagues in the game. Control the way the team plays whether the player want their team to play aggressive from the start or play defensive and hit the opponent in a counter attack all depends on the players choices. There are so many different tactics the players can choose that they can make their team play any way they want. The manager can also choose the players they want to bring in and the players they want to sell as well as training the team to improve the players and tactics before any game making it one of the most realistic Football manager game in the world. Players can choose variety of different formations and little tweaks to their system to capitalize on the opponents weaknesses, the players can also give players specific instructions so help the team win the match. Football Manager 2020 for Android brings amazing gameplay and realism to the game when the players compete to be the best manager in the world and win all the trophies and awards that they can.

How to download Football Manager 2020 for Android

  • Go to allfreegames.org
  • Search for Football Manager 2020 for Android
  • Click the Download Button and Download Football Manager 2020 for Android
  • Install the Game and enjoy it !!

Hurry and download Football Manager 2020 APK by just clicking the download button below and enjoy this realistic Football Manager game to win all the majors trophies and cement yourself as the greatest manager the beautiful game as ever seen in your Android Devices.