Finally the one of the most awaited Journey for Android devices is here. It has taken Sony a long time to bring Journey for mobile and specially for android devices but the wait is finally over. Journey for Android is an adventure game with amazing art and storytelling making you emotional through the games arc. Even though it was an playstation exclusive sony has brought it to windows and mobile due to its popularity.


Journey for Android is an adventure game where the players play as a robed figure walking through the desert towards a big mountain. The players can mostly walk through the journey and can also jump with a touch to the screen and the players can also emit a wordless sound which stays in tune to the music on the background. The players can also fly for few seconds which uses it’s scarf’s magical charge but the players can also be charged through walking. The whole game is based on walking through the vast desert going towards the mountain in the distance. The players can in Journey for Android can meet others players in the game who can help them in a level but cant communicate as there are no sounds and texts in the game except for the beautiful music in the background. The game is very simple yet challenging bring a great depth and emotion to the story and gameplay without any words spoken by the characters.


Complete the Incredible journey and enjoy this emotional and amazing game. Journey for Android is a very moving and emotional game which will have a special connection with players. With brilliant and never before seen story arc of the Journey for Android by clicking the Download Button. Enjoy the long awaited award winning Journey in your Android devices.

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