About Marvel’s Avengers for Android 

Allfreegames.org is very excited to announce that Marvel’s Avengers for Android devices is finally here. Square Enix has bee working really hard to bring Marvel’s Avengers game for your Android devices. It is based on the popular Marvel Comic book The Avengers where superheroes team up to product the earth from the bad guys. The main story of Marvel Avengers for Android takes place 5 years after the Avengers day when the earth is attacked by taskmaster which casuse tremendous destruction and death for which the avengers are blamed and are reassembled by A.I.M which plans to get rid of all the super heroes on earth.


Marvel’s Avengers for Android is an action adventure role playing game played in a third person perspective where the players can play as their favorite avengers characters like Captain America, Iron man, Thor, Huk, Black Widdow or Miss Marvel. The player can also customize their characters and powers as the game progresses. Each Avenger has unique update available in the game which can be updated by earning points as you progress through the game. Players can enjoy online co-op mode with their friends and complete main missions together. Each level has the option to choose different characters from the game and the players can freely choose which characters they want to play has. Although some mission requires certain avenger and their powers to complete the mission. The players can freely form their dream team with their friends in order to complete some missions with a lot of new characters and areas will be available in the future updates as Square Enix has promised Updates for the mobile version along with its console counter parts.

How to Download Marvel’s Avengers apk
1) Go to the Website Allfreegames.org
2) Search for Marvel’s Avengers for Android
3) Click The Download button
4) Download and install Marvel’s Avengers apk
5) Enjoy the amazing game!!


Marvel’s Avengers for Android has been in works for years now and you can enjoy it right now in your android devices. Just click the button below and start the amazing adventure as an adventure to protect the earth and its people.

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