The wait is now over for Pokemon Masters for your IOS devices. It is one of the first pokemon RPG game for mobile phone developed and published by DeNA for your Android and IOS devices. Finally you can enjoy the RPG pokemon game that you all have been waiting for. With all the characters and their favorite pokemons available from the franchise players will get to choose from its an endless pokemon journey to go all the way to the top of the Pokemon Master League.

Gameplay of Pokemon Master for your IOS

Pokemon Masters for IOS is a mobile pokemon game where the player with two other trainers from the pokemon franchise with their favorite pokemon battle on a 3 vs 3 battle and rise to win pokemon masters league tournament on the island of Pasio. You can find all past characters from the franchise so you can choose your favorite character in the game with their favorite pokemon. In Pokemon Masters for IOS you collect pokemon trainers instead of pokemons every trainer has its own favorite pokemon so in order to collect your favorite pokemon you need to get its trainer. You get to meet and know different pokemon trainers and form a team in order to battle other teams to make you way to the top of the pokemon master league. Pokemon Masters for IOS it is a free to play game but you can also buy various in game items to further progress. It is a turn based combat system where each trainer takes turn attacking defensding or buffing their pokemon in order to defeat the other team.


Pokemon Masters for IOS is a fun addicting game where you team up with other trainers to win the Pokemon master League. Battle your way to the top with the help of your friends teaming up with your favorite characters and pokemons from the franchise. Enjoy the first ever Pokemon RPG game for your mobile phones in your IOS devices like IPhone, Ipad or IPods. You can just click the Download Button Below to begin this epic journey of becoming a pokemon master.

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