Predator: Hunting Grounds for Android devices has finally been released by IllFonic and sony entertainment. Illfonic has been working for years to bring this amazing game Predator Hunting Grounds for Android to mobile devices and now at last they have brought this games just a couple of days after the console releases. Initially planned to be released along with the console version but due to some technical issues it has taken a couple of days. But now it has been fully optimized to run as smoothly as it does on the consoles.


Predator Hunting Grounds for Android is a multiplayer survivor game where players either control the predator or be a part of a 4 team special operation soldiers who are sent to collect data or kill the drug lord of the area. The players can avoid the predator or they can try to kill it. The players choose to find a game as either a soldier or predator, the soldiers are dropped into thee map from an infiltration point that the players vote in the lobby and than they have variety of objective that they must complete such as getting Intel or finding stuffs until the chopper comes to the extraction point in between the objective the predator can come at anytime to put some extra difficulties for the soldiers. The soldiers are players in a first person camera view while the player that controls the predator has a third person view. The predator has variety of weapons in its arsenal such as cloaking where he can be invisible, super human strength all of the weapons does need energy meter which gradually refills so players need to watch their meter in a battle. Their is also random loot boxes through out the game which the players can use to modify their soldiers aswell as predator with variety of aesthetics.

How to download Predator Hunting Grounds APK

  1. Go to the website
  2. Search for Predator Hunting Grounds for Android
  3. Click the Download button
  4. Download Predator Hunting Grounds Apk and install it
  5. Enjoy the game!!!

Just click the Download button below and enjoy Predator Hunting Grounds for Android devices made from the classic predator movie. Predator Hunting Grounds for Android has been fully optimized for your android devices so the graphics are amazing and smooth and the game play will have you at the edge of your seat at all time.

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