About Rocket League for Android

Rocket League has finally been released for Android devices Psyonix. Rocket League for Android is a vehicular soccer video game where they players take control of a vehicle powered by a rocket used to hit a soccer ball into the goal. Initially released in 2015 for PC and PS4 and later brought into XBOX it has taken Psyonix 5 years to finally bring it to mobile devices like Android and IOS. One of the best game of the decade Rocket League for Android has been optimized for android devices to make it run as smoothly as a console device.


Rocket League for Android is a vehicular soccer video game where the players take control of a rocket powered vehicle used to hit a soccer ball into the goal. Its very similar to a soccer game but instead of players you have to take control of a car and score more goals then your opponents. Rocket League for Android can be played by up to 8 players 4 on each side with a game lasting up to 5 minutes, if the scores are level they after full time the players battle it out in a sudden death match. The player’s car has the ability to jump to hit the ball while in the air. The players can also take a speed boost with cars passing them over the space marked in the field, allowing them to quickly go across the field, using the added momentum to hit the ball hard, or ram into another car the player to destroy it where it appears back after a few moment. The players can also use the boost in the air to jump even higher in order to hit the ball. The main objective to Rocket League for Android in to score more goals than the opponent before the time is up.

There are a lot of game mode for the players in Rocket League for Android. Players can play offline mode against AI or battle against the top players around the world in the popular online mode. The players can play against other players with their friend or go on a solo run in the competitive rank match where they gain or lose their respective ranks depending on the match result. With the popularity of the game already reaching sky high Rocket League for Android bring millions of players to play against one another in one of the most competitive online game in the world right now.

How to Download Rocket League APK

  • Go to the website http://allfreegames.org
  • Search for Rocket League for Android
  • Click the Download Button
  • Download Rocket League APK
  • Install the game and enjoy!!

Download one of the most popular game of the decade Rocket League for your android devices. With the game now optimized for Android devices it will run as smoothly as it runs in a console device with some amazing graphics and edge of the seat game play. Just click the Download button below and enjoy the popular and addictive game of the decade.

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