Temtem For Android has finally been released to mobile devices. You can now enjoy one of the hottest game of 2020 in your mobile devices like IOS and Android. Temtem For Android is a massive online multiplayer game where you collect unique creatures called Temtem and battle them against other Temtem which are controlled by NPCs or other players.

What is Temtem For Android

Temtem For Android as been compared to the popular Pokemon game series and in some ways it is very similar but Temtem has brought its own unique ideas to make the game even more appealing to the players. Catching temtems and battling is very similar to the Pokemon series even at the start of the game you find some similarities as the players are given 3 startup Temtems to choose from. In Temtem For Android you can create your own personal character like choosing the name, hair colors basic clothing and they can also buy more in the game as you progress. The players are known as temers where they collect Temtems and battle other players with their temtems. The battle system is turn based where the players use an ability one at a time. Temtem For Android also emphases on stamina where different attacks use different amount of stamina where if the player is out of stamina the temtem can cause damage to itself.

Temtem For Android online multiplayer role playing game where you can play online and battle it out against numerous other players. Collect as much temtems as you can and battle against top players in the world. Enjoy the vast area of Airbone Archipelago as there are different landscapes and temtems available in different parts of the game. Players can also enjoy the main story arc where they battle the threat of Clan Belsoto who have plans to take over the island.

How to Download Temtem For Android

  • Go to the Website allfreegames.org
  • Search for Temtem For Android
  • Click the Download Button
  • Download Temtem apk
  • Install the apk and enjoy Temtem For Android

The wait is finally over as one of the hottest game of 2020 is now available for android devices. Temtem For Android developed by Crema has some similar aspect of Pokemon games but with its own unique twists. Collect the incredible temtems and battle against other temers to be the best in the world. Just click the Download button below to enjoy this amazing game in your android devices.

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