The wait is finally over UFC 4 for Android devices is here. It has been rumored that EA Sports has been working on a flagship UFC game for mobile devices for a while now and finally it is here. EA sports UFC 4 for Android is a MMA fighting game based on the popular MMA promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship.


UFC 4 for Android is a fighting game based on mixed martial arts promotion UFC. In UFC 4 for Android the players have the option of 229 fighters where there are 81 alternate versions of the fighters. Players are presented with various game modes in UFC 4 for Android like the popular career mode where you create your own unique fighter or choose from existing fighter and start your MMA career from the bottom and climb all the way to UFC and be the Greatest Of all Time (GOAT). Players get specific points throughout the career mode where they can choose to spend it on promotion for the fight which increase their popularity or spend it on specific trainings which increases the overall stats of the fighter. Players can also choose their preferred discipline which includes Boxing, Wrestling, Jiujitsu, Kickboxing each having unique advantages on the fighters stand up game or the ground game. The players can also choose to accept or decline a fight which affects the overall development of the fighters career. Along with the offline mode the players can also choose to test their skill on the popular online mode in UFC 4 for Android. Play against top players around the world and see where you rank among the best in the world. Play against players aroudn the world on different arenas for the first time in UFC game series as players can choose to fight in the Octagon,Backyard and Kumite a underground fight areana.

How to download UFC 4 APK
* Go to the webstite allfreegames.org
* Search for UFC 4 for Android
* Click the Download button
* Download and install UFC 4 apk
* Enjoy the game.


Download UFC 4 for Android devices by just clicking the Download button below and enjoy the amazing journey of becoming the Greatest of All time in the UFC. Play as your favorite fighter from UFC with all the fighters from every weight class available and be the multi division champion of the UFC.

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