is very happy to announce our 2nd year anniversary for which we are proud to bring you Playstation Plus 1 year membership giveaway for a limited time. All you guys have to do is complete any of the offer in order to earn yourself a 1 year membership of PS plus. The offers are there just to ensure we haven’t received any bots or multiple entries for the giveaway. People can only apply once for this giveaway as its for a very limited amount of time and we hope most of the people that apply for it get it.

Enjoy all the advantage of having a Playstation Plus membership such as online multiplayer where you can play with your friends online and enjoy global community of online gamers. Playstation plus membership also provides players with free 2 games every month which can be played as long as you have the Playstation Plus membership. The members are also provided with exclusive discounts on games, add ons and pre orders which other players won’t get as well as 100Gb cloud storage which can be used if the players hard drive is full. Its very easy and simple to take part in the Playstation Plus 1 year giveaway just Click the Apply for Giveaway button and complete any of the surveys after that just input your details and you can enjoy the Playstation Plus 1 year membership .

How to take part in Playstation Plus 1 year Membership Giveaway

* Go to
* Search For Playstation Plus 1 year Membership Giveaway
* Apply for the giveaway
* Complete any of the survey which will take about 1-2 minutes
* After you complete the survey it will ask you to input your PS account details
* When you put all your details all you got to do is Logout from you PS account and login again and your plus membership will be available

We are very happy to bring you Playstation Plus 1 year Membership Giveaway which will be provided to everyone who apply but is only available for a limited amount of time. Once the time is over this post will be deleted so hurry up and get your 1 year PS plus membership.You have to keep in mind that this membership needs a US PS account and enjoy the amazing feature that Playstation Plus membership has to offer.

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